Sign for God

A Sign for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God told Ezekiel that part of his calling was to be a sign. God needed a man who would be willing to have this attitude, and accept this assignment. The task was important because Israel needed to realize that He had been speaking to them, but they had not heard what He was saying.

To be an effective sign, Ezekiel had to lay aside his personal desires and interests. He had to be committed completely to God. To surrender his will, and do whatever God wanted, regardless of what other people might say or think.

Part of that assignment was to tell Israel, “I am a sign to you.” And there were many ways he would be a sign. He was to prepare “baggage for exile and go into exile.” He was to “dig a hole through the wall,” and “go out through it.” He was to cover his face so that he could not see the land. He was to eat “with trembling” and drink “with quivering and anxiety.”

Through these actions, some might have thought he was crazy, but that didn’t matter. He was to be so surrendered to God that he only was concerned about pleasing Him, and completing his assignment.

Here we have unique insights into what it means to be God’s servant. As Ezekiel was to demonstrate, His servants are called to serve Him. Always ready to accomplish His assignments. Always sensitive to His leading. Never concerned about the opinions of others. Completely committed to do His will.

Today, make a renewed commitment to serve God. Remember that the highest calling in His Kingdom is to be a servant (Matthew 23:11). Develop the attitude of a servant in your interaction with others. Within your church and family. With your resources. And in your relationship with God. Be ready to serve Him.