A Lifestyle of Love

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When he died in 1991, Robert Maxwell was considered one of the world’s most powerful men. A master manipulator, he had built a massive media empire, largely through ruthlessness.

An executive once admitted, “There’s fear in confronting him with reality and equally there is fear of being caught concealing reality. Even the strongest hearts avoid those face-to-face sessions because when he voices his anger it lacerates and bruises.’” A trade union leader once commented that Maxwell would “charm the birds off the trees and then shoot them.”

But Maxwell’s kingdom did not last. His success only was temporary.

Sadly, many people follow his same tactics, feeling that being cold-blooded and calculating is the way to achieve success. They believe it’s acceptable to act in any way they see fit, in order to get ahead, get a job, close a deal, or gain riches.

Where did all this start? Go all the way back to when Cain killed his brother, Abel (Genesis 4:1-8). Like many people who try to get ahead in business, Cain thought that being successful meant “eliminating the competition.” He felt justified. But the Bible tells us that “his deeds were evil.”

The Bible warns us not to emulate Cain. Other people in the world may try to get ahead through intimidation, cheating, and dishonesty. But God wants us to trust in Him and remember that He can give us ultimate success. Instead of being self-centered, He wants us to be generous, filled with love, truthful, and humble.

Today, put your trust in God. You are His child. He longs to bless you and grant you success. Believe this message, and believe Him for favor!