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Pasquale Mingarelli

Pasquale Mingarelli is a pro photographer, Christian speaker, and writer. He helps Christians draw near to God through nature and nature photography. Learn more about his devotional book, Drawing Near: Meeting God in His Creation at visualverse.thecreationspeaks.com

What Can a Snow Silence Tell Us About Forgiveness?

Have you seen any snow yet this winter? Chances are if you live anywhere north of Florida you…

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Rush of Christmas

Too often we find the rush of Christmas instead of the peace of Christmas. It seems like so many…

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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Ever since my childhood I loved to experience a white Christmas. Growing up just south of Buffalo,…

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Want a Great Way to Free Your Anxiety
Want a Great Way to Free Your Anxiety?

So how does one do it? How do you free your anxiety at a time like this? Staying inside with the TV…

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Christ Alone

When we read the Gospels, we read many fascinating accounts of the life and works of Jesus. We read…

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God Our Rock

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God’s Faithfulness

Did winter ever not end? Did spring ever not come? Not in my lifetime, and probably not in yours.…

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Crossing the Streams of Life

Life brings challenges. And with ever-challenging situation comes the opportunity to lose focus.…

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Disappointment of False Peaks
The Disappointment of False Peaks

Disappointment in Great Accomplishment Even in our greatest accomplishments, disappointment can…

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