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Kristina Ellis

After winning $500K in scholarships and graduating from her dream school with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, Kristina Ellis set out to help students create their own plan to earn a debt-free education. She’s the best-selling author of Confessions of a Scholarship Winner and How to Graduate Debt-Free. She is a featured expert in the 2021 documentary Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, such as "Fox & Friends," "The Katie Couric Show," CBN, USA Today, Reuters, Seventeen, and Money. Learn more at kristinaellis.com

Are You Financially Literate?

Financial literacy is the possession of skills that allows people to make smart decisions with…

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How College Students Can Earn Cash Over Christmas Break

’Tis the season to earn money! That’s right, college students: One thing that helps big time with…

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Cast Wide and Go Deep

If you’re a freshman or sophomore in high school, you might think you don’t need to worry about…

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Saving Money on College Application Costs

It’s no secret that the college application process can get expensive fast. I mean, think about it:…

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High School Students: Increase Your Productivity with 3 Easy Steps

Summer is wrapping up, friends. Whether you spent your days super active or you took it easy,…

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Today’s Teens May Be More Money-Wise Than You Think

Teens who completed a personal finance class in high school would rather put $500 in the bank than…

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No-Loan College: Is This the Answer to the Student Loan Crisis?

Student loans have become quite the hot-button topic. And it’s no wonder why. According to the…

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How to Save Money in College

College can be a lot of things—fun, exciting, challenging, exhausting, rewarding—but “cheap”…

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3 Tips to Help Your Kids Crush College

I talk to a lot of well-meaning parents out there who have a hard time knowing how to best prepare…

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