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George Kamel

George Kamel is a personal finance expert with a counter-cultural approach to money. He is the host of The Fine Print and EntreLeadership podcasts on the Ramsey Network. Since 2013, George has served at Ramsey Solutions where his goal is to help people spend less, save more, and avoid consumer traps so they can make the most of their money. Learn more at ramseysolutions.com

Selling Stuff Online Is the New Garage Sale

Many people love having and going to garage sales. I don’t know who started them, but more power to…

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The Normalization of Debt: How It Happened and Why It’s Keeping You Broke

Here are some not-so-fun facts for you to noodle on: Almost 8 in 10 Americans live paycheck to…

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How to Fight Inflation Through Year’s End

Inflation It’s a constant news headline, the joke of every meme, and the word we curse under our…

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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Affordable Last-Minute Gifts

Maybe that little reminder just popped up on your phone letting you know that the Secret Santa…

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Make the Most of These Upcoming Marketing Schemes

I don’t know about you, but personally, I have a love-hate relationship with Black Friday and Cyber…

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3 Ways to Survive Real Estate Gold Rush
3 Ways to Survive the Real Estate Gold Rush

Everyone’s talking about the real estate gold rush. And buyers are doing some pretty crazy stuff to…

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internet scammers
The Latest Internet Scams and How to Avoid Them

Online scammers have gotten so sneaky lately that it’s not just your elderly grandparents at risk —…

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The Second New Year: Another Chance to Reach Your Money Goals

As humans, we’re wired for growth. But (and it’s a big ol’ but) we’re also prone to laziness,…

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