Welcome to Paradise

The Welcome to Paradise movie is a faith-centered film. It brings out some of the tricky issues churches deal with today in a family-friendly way – issues like homelessness and women in ministry. At the center of the story is Reverend Debbie Laramie (Crystal Bernard, Wings), a widowed single mother, and her teenage son, Hayden. Following some friction related to church traditions, Debbie is reassigned to the small-town Paradise church as Senior Pastor. Unfortunately for Debbie and Hayden, they find Paradise to be anything but paradise.

Among the issues they face in Paradise are an angry Associate Pastor who was passed over to lead the church and a group of bullies determined to make Hayden’s time in Paradise as unpleasant as possible. But these seem like minor hiccoughs when Debbie and her new congregation are faced with a bigger issue. Debbie and her church soon confront where to place their faith and what the church is all about in the Welcome to Paradise movie. Also stars Brian Dennehy.

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