Sabina K.

Cristóbal Krusen’s film Sabina K. is a redemption story worth watching. Know that going in because Sabina ‘s path is far from easy.

Set in the aftermath of the Bosnian War, much has changed in newly created Bosnia and Herzegovina. The biggest shift is in ethnic antagonism—an outcome of wartime atrocities.

So when wartime comrades, Muslim Sabina (Alena Dzebo) and Catholic Saša (Alban Ukaj), fall in love and plan to marry, family opposition is strong. But their love is also strong, and they plan a wedding at a friend’s home on Korcula. Then Saša goes missing. That’s only the beginning of all that goes wrong for Sabina, who winds up pregnant, jobless, and homeless. Hopeless.

Does God have a different story in mind for her? And will she find out what happened to Saša?

If you’ve ever felt like you were drowning in events that were too much to overcome, be encouraged by what God did in Sabina K.’s life! Inspired by a true story. Bosnian audio with English subtitles. [TV-14]


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