Miles Between Us

In the Miles Between Us movie, an estranged father drives his teenage daughter cross-country to college on an unexpected journey of healing and redemption.

After his failed marriage over 12 years ago, Luke moved on to pursue a successful career as a Hollywood movie producer. In the process, he forgot all about his commitment as a father to his daughter, Gabby. Now that Luke has been tasked with taking Gabby on a trip across the country, he’ll have to answer for all the years he’s been missing from her life.

At this point, they have been apart for so long that the two barely even know each other anymore. As a result, Gabby has developed a strong bitterness and resentment toward her father.  When they go through the emotions of reestablishing a bond and moving past brokenness, the two soon realize their relationship isn’t the only one that needs to be rekindled.

This life-changing trip puts both Gabby and Luke through humorous, challenging, and emotional moments that bring them both to the reality that you’re never too far away to start a relationship with your Father.

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Genre: Drama
Rating: TV-PG


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