A Horse Called Hope

A Horse Called Hope is a family-friendly movie about a young girl named Lizzy (Taylor Lyons, In-Lawfully Yours) who’s burned all her bridges. When her exasperated parents send her to Grandma’s horse ranch for Christmas, sullen Lizzy lashes out.

Then she meets a sick horse named Hope. Grandma (Francine Locke, Grace and Gravity) tells Lizzy she’ll need to gain Hope’s trust in order to help her. That relationship with Hope—that trust—will be the reason for Lizzy to change. It will also give her a sense of purpose, which is something that was missing. But when Lizzy learns the ranch is about to go into foreclosure, she realizes that she could lose it all.

Yet sometimes it is the struggle that makes all the difference. And it will also motivate Lizzy to work at finding a way to save the ranch and grow into someone unexpectedly strong.

A Horse Called Hope is a simple, feel-good Christmastime movie you can enjoy with the whole family.


Genre: Holiday/Drama
Rating: TV-PG]

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