Recovery Today with Kandi Rose & Friends

Bio: Sometimes life is messy, but God brings redemption! The hosts of Recovery Today with Kandi Rose & Friends know firsthand about the devastation of addictions and the joy of restoration through Christ.

Early on, Evangelist Kandi Rose lived through a series of damaging events that propelled her into substance abuse and work as a stripper and prostitute. She even owned a strip business in the Chicago area, until her mother led her to the Lord. Since then, Kandi Rose has written seven books and has so much joy telling everyone how much Jesus loves them.

Co-host Becky Brewer was an IV drug user for 15 years. In that time, she was an inmate in five different prisons. She received Jesus one day when she was reading the Bible in her cell.

Co-host Barbara Ulmer knows what it’s like to watch someone you care about suffer from addiction. Barbara is an RN familiar with the physical effects of drug use–something she was painfully aware of when a loved one wound up addicted and in prison.

Today, the team of friends share hope for addiction recovery and the love of Christ through ministry on Recovery Today with Kandi Rose & Friends. Their show airs across the U.S. and worldwide on Inspiration TV, radio, and podcasts. All glory to God!


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