What to Do While You’re Waiting

Kim CrabillBy Kim CrabillAugust 2, 20221 Minutes

Our new Strengthen Your WalkTM series, What to Do While You’re Waiting, is just what you’ve been waiting for …

Watch Kim Crabill, host of COFFEE with Kim, for the next five days and gain a new perspective on the divine power and purposes that work in your life while you wait for God to act.

Crabill will help you catch a glimpse of the work God does when you rest in Him. You will find that, far from being abandoned, you are actually in the midst of God’s good plans when He calls you to wait! This series will boost your confidence in God’s power and purposes and cancel the anxiety that struts in when you feel stalled!

In her easy conversational style, Kim lays out the steps you can take to move from crippling frustration to conquering faith. Strength and hope overflow from each episode…and by the end you will be soaring on eagle’s wings as you wait (Isaiah 40:31).

Kim Crabill lives out her passion of sharing God’s hope and healing with hurting people through her books and talk shows. Don’t miss out on a single hope-filled episode. Sign up at strengthenyourwalk.org today to receive videos in your inbox absolutely free!


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