Walking By Faith

Judy JacobsBy Judy Jacobs1 Minutes

Are the strains and struggles of life getting you down? This Strengthen Your Walk with Judy Jacobs reveals God’s amazing plans for your life and His abundant provision for you. Believers in Christ have a powerful advantage to use in facing life’s troubles. God’s power is yours to enjoy and employ every day, and it is the key to living without fear. You are a child of the King created to live in the blessings of your heavenly Father.

Judy Jacobs uses the Word of God to show you how to build your faith muscles so you can face the storms of life with confidence and courage! You are more than a conqueror in this life because God has already equipped you for victory. The promises of God are solid building blocks of hope and strength you can rely on.

As you apply the truths Judy Jacobs shares in this Strengthen Your Walk series, you will begin to live with confidence in God’s power and enjoy the rich blessings His promises produce. Get ready to walk through every day with courage and strength, and enjoy the life God designed you to live.


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