The Authority Of God’s Word

Dr. Michael StevensBy Dr. Michael Stevens1 Minutes

Achieving your purpose in life and receiving God’s blessings: the Word of God! Join Dr. Michael Stevens in our new Strengthen Your Walk™ series “The Authority of God’s Word,” and gain new understanding about the living, active, powerful nature of the Word of God.

Dr. Stevens reveals fresh insights about the power of Scripture to give guidance, value, and hope to you and those whose lives you touch. He provides practical wisdom on how to receive God’s Word into your life with faith that transforms every situation.

Beginning with the revelation that the Bible’s purpose is to humble and challenge believers, the series offers fresh insights on how the Word works in your day-to-day life. You will be inspired by the honor the Word brings to you – and to others. The wealth and wonder of standing upon Scripture becomes clearer with each episode.

Dr. Stevens wraps up the series with practical tips on studying the Bible. He shows you the differences in reading, researching, and bringing resolution from the Word to your world. You will know how to strengthen your head, heart, and hands with Scripture, so your life will reveal its inimitable power!