School of Deliverance

Isik AblaBy Isik Abla1 Minutes

Are you struggling with sin, addiction, anxiety, or depression? Do you need help identifying the enemies in your life and casting out the demons hiding in the dark?

Whether you want to learn how to identify your enemy, kick out the demons in your life, or do self-deliverance, Isik Abla’s new Strengthen Your WalkTM series, School of Deliverance, based on her 2020 book Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants, will help you seek your freedom by walking with Jesus Christ. To be successful at deliverance, it is important to keep Jesus as the centerpiece of deliverance and live a God-centered and faith-filled life.

Join Abla for the 10-episode series where she provides tips and steps – compiled over the years from her own personal testimony and stories from her loved ones – for finding success in deliverance. With her helpful guidance that comes straight from her book, you will be better equipped to confront and eliminate the dark forces in your life and enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with being victorious over the enemy.