My Lessons from Heaven

Dr. Mary NealBy Dr. Mary Neal1 Minutes

Do you believe in heaven? Is heaven actually real? Is God even real?

The answer to all of these questions is ”yes.” And Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon and expert whitewater kayaker, has proof. In 1999, Neal had a near-death experience after drowning in a southern Chilean river. She died for almost 30 minutes before a couple of mysterious men showed up to help carry her (only to disappear shortly afterward) to an ambulance that had just appeared out of nowhere. In the short time that Neal was dead, she visited heaven where God told her that it wasn’t her time and that she had more work to do on earth. She was given difficult news that included the unexpected death of her son and her husband’s cancer battle. Neal had to be there for her family.

Join Neal for her new 10-episode Strengthen Your WalkTM series, My Lessons from Heaven, where she talks about how the near-death experience transformed her hope and faith in God’s promises into an absolute trust. The trust she gained has allowed her to experience the joy-filled life that God intends for each one of us.