Fishing For Souls

Jonathan ScottBy Jonathan Scott1 Minutes

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the US. Although you may not enjoy fishing or have never even been fishing, all Christians are called to become “fishers of men” through the Great Commission. God wants you to spread the Gospel to your loved ones, your friends, and even people you just meet in public.

Just as Jesus asked of His disciples, we are instructed to go out into the world where the non-Christians are and tell our stories of how we came to be in relationship with Jesus and how others can follow Christ. It may seem daunting, and we may be filled with fear, but God has given us permission and equipped us with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Watch Jonathan Scott’s new Strengthen Your WalkTM series Fishing for Souls, to discover tips and strategies to help you become a “fisher of men,” just as the Great Commission commands. You’ll be encouraged to start proclaiming salvation through the Gospel of God everywhere you go.