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Crossroads: Great Choices for a Great Life

David Cerullo shares that one aspect of being created in God’s image is having the power to choose. Throughout your life, God sets choices before you. He encourages you to choose wisely, relying on His Word and His Spirit. Every choice you make in life has a consequence of some kind for good or bad. Sometimes it’s a small consequence, sometimes it’s a huge consequence.

Better choices will help you experience a better life. In this series, you’ll learn the secret to making the kinds of choices that God loves to bless!

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Are You at a Crossroads?

Created with a Choice

Consent and Obey

You Always Have a Choice

Here's to a Better Future

What Does It Really Mean to Receive a Reward?

Blessings and Curses

Are You Under a Curse?

Reaping Rewards

Time, Talent, and Treasure

God Our Rewarder

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Your Guidebook for Better Choices

Consequences and Rewards

Abraham's Choice

Patiently Waiting

Abraham's Reward

Cause and Effect

Be Bold and Courageous

Steps to Making the Right Choices (Part 1)

Steps to Making the Right Choices (Part 2)