Why Do We Need to Read the Bible Every Day?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesNovember 30, 20223 Minutes

While you’re asking yourself the above question, why not also ask yourself, “How long can I go without eating?”

What’s the answer? A day? No problem, right? But how would you feel at the end of that day?

How about not eating for a week? That’s more challenging; but you could probably do it. Then again, how would you feel at the end of that week? Tired? Most likely. Weak? Certainly.

And what about going without food for 30 or 40 days? How long would it take before your body gave out completely and you died? There’s a limit to how long anyone can go without nourishment.

God established this principle of self-preservation to keep us alive and healthy. In order to stay alive, we must eat. The same principle holds true spiritually. Unless you receive regular spiritual nourishment, you will experience consequences.

So, what is spiritual nourishment? The Word of God! The longer you go without the sustenance it contains, the weaker your spirit becomes!

Reading the Bible is the spiritual nourishment you need that enables you to become strong and healthy enough to fight any battle, temptation, or daily struggle that comes before you!

Feeding in God’s Word

As you read Scripture, you soon find that, although written thousands of years ago, its words are still incredibly relevant to your life today.

Within its pages you’ll find stories of people you can identify with, lessons to learn, refreshment for your soul, and comfort in your times of need.

Make a Commitment

How would you rate your spiritual life today? Are you spiritually malnourished, lacking the power you need to live in victory? Do you sometimes feel like you’re starving to death spiritually? If so, the best way to change this is to faithfully spend time with the Lord every day. Take time to worship, pray, and feast upon God’s Word!

If you need help getting started with this new commitment, we have prayer ministers available to help you. Just click on the link below to get started! We’ve also included a link for additional resources so you can become even more nourished in His Word!

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