What Do You Need?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

We all understand the importance a mother plays in the life of her baby. No one knows and anticipates the needs of her little one quite like she does. The love and care she provides for her child is exactly what the name Jehovah Jireh conveys about God. He sees our needs and has the perfect solution for us.

Many times, we only focus on the provision aspect of this name, but the full message of Jehovah Jireh is that God reveals Himself to be attentive and responsive to our needs. What a beautiful reminder when the month extends beyond our money, fear threatens to swallow our life, or grief snatches our breath away. As the saying goes, God planted the sycamore tree long before Zacchaeus climbed it to see Jesus. God wants us to trust Him as our attentive, loving provider.

The title Jehovah Jireh is found only in Genesis 22 when Abraham proves his faith in God by climbing Mount Moriah to offer his son of promise back to God. Every step Abraham and Isaac took up that mountain was matched by the steps of a ram God sent up the other side. We never need to fear when we remember that God keeps His eye on us, loves us perfectly, and knows how to provide the best outcome!

While Jehovah Jireh is used only once in the Bible, the theme of prepared provision flows from beginning to end. Creation existed before Adam was formed (Genesis 1). The Redeemer’s victory in place before man left the Garden (Genesis 3). Don’t forget – Jonah’s large fish, over 5,000 fed by a child’s lunch (Luke 9), and a coin-carrying fish (Matthew 17). God’s ways are diverse, but His character is unchanging. He longs for you to trust Him to see, care, and provide for all you need.