Unlock the Glory in You

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo2 Minutes

When is the last time you stared in awe at a newborn baby or marveled at the vibrant colors of a flower? I hope it was recently – because God reveals Himself through creation (Romans 1:20). When we pause our passionate pursuits to see Him … to treasure His creativity, power, and wisdom, we bring Him joy.

Did you know God’s favorite vessel for revealing Himself is you? Humanity holds a special place in God’s eyes. We are not highly evolved animals – He made us in His own image! Truly understanding that truth will change your world.

The all-powerful God who made Mount Everest and the Great Barrier Reef needed a more magnificent creation to reveal Himself. In a supreme demonstration of His character, God imprinted His own glory on frail and fallible men!

I’m awed and humbled that God chose me for this privilege. Mountains and sunsets proclaim His glory far more consistently than I do. All too often, I prefer myself over God and do things that muddy up His image. But God never falters – He remains faithful to His plan to use me as His imago Dei – image bearer!

No matter how many times I fall short of His glory, His kindness draws me closer (Jeremiah 31:3). God keeps pursuing me, helping me learn more of who He is, changing my desires to His (Psalm 37:4), and transforming me more and more into His likeness (2 Corinthians 3:18). What an incredible life journey this creates.

Think with me about what God is like, and you’ll celebrate, too! Just from Genesis, we learn that God is creative, spiritual, communicative, relational, and moral. Other Scriptures reveal Him to be kind, merciful, gracious, generous, loving, wise, and so much more than we can imagine or consider here.

Revealing His incredible glory is a destiny that deserves our whole-hearted attention!