The Kingdom of God Is at Hand

Bishop Terrell MurphyBy Bishop Terrell Murphy5 Minutes

Great day! I’m Terrell Murphy and it is such a joy to be with you on Strengthen Your Walk. The Lord so loves you and cares about you so much that He creates an atmosphere and environment where you can grow in the things of God. One thing I love about God and His Kingdom is that it gives you advantages. It allows you to get ahead. It allows you to not just maintain in life, but to advance in life.

And as we talk on Strengthen Your Walk through this series on Kingdom Living, we’re all going to aspire into a greater place in God that we begin to walk out the power and the authority and demonstrations of God; the things that the Lord would have us to do and to be so that you and I would be more than conquerors. It’s such a joy that God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, but the benefits that come from that are so incredible. You and I have dual citizenship. We have citizenship in the place that we live every single day. But we also have citizenship that is in Heaven according to Philippians 3:20 which tells us that our citizenship is in Heaven which means we’re from an entirely different Kingdom.

And that Kingdom is full of power. It’s full of joy. It’s full of every good and perfect thing that could ever come from the Lord God almighty. As a matter of fact, we see in Matthew the fourth chapter and the seventeenth verse that when Jesus comes into the region of Zebulon and Naphtali, the first words uttered out of His mouth are: “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

And often when we hear the word “repent,” we think of being forgiven of our sins and confessing our sins. And that is very, very true. And it’s something that we should practice every single day as often [snaps fingers] and as readily and quickly as we can when we miss the mark in God. But there’s also another understanding that the Lord wants us to have for those who are aspiring to live and demonstrate the very glory of His Kingdom. And that word “re” means to do over and to do again. But then there’s the word “pent” which is likened to a penthouse, the very highest level of an apartment complex or a townhouse complex or even a penthouse in and of itself.

So, when Jesus comes into the region saying “repent,” He’s saying: I’m bringing you a new way of thinking. Re-think the way you’re thinking and think from a higher perspective. Move beyond just thinking of repenting as it relates to confessing your sins. Make sure you do that, but also understand that the Lord is elevating our thinking.

And when Jesus entered the earth, He was carrying wisdom and insight and knowledge and direction from another Kingdom; a Kingdom that is full of the intellect of God, the resolves of God, the anecdotes of God… a lifestyle management system that would allow us to be men and women who proclaim the very life and the heart of God. But also being able to demonstrate what living from His Kingdom is really like. We’re gonna tackle that as we go through this series and get a greater understanding of what living in the Kingdom should really look like because we are more than conquerors in Him.

And this Kingdom that we’re from is greater than any other Kingdom. And it’s strength. And it’s power. And it’s liberty and all that it stands for is going to change the very trajectory of your life. So I look forward to us coming back together to talk about Kingdom Living. You be encouraged and make your day great in Him. God bless you. Peace.

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