The Devil Is Real — and Dangerous

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The Bible makes it clear that Satan is real. He once stood in the presence of God. He once led worship in Heaven before God’s throne.  Those are very real actions.

But, Satan sinned; and when he sinned, he deceived a host of the angels in Heaven and convinced them to follow him rather than God. That’s where sin and evil originated—with Satan in Heaven!

There were consequences to Satan’s sin, and one obvious result was that God cast him out of Heaven. He and his fallen angels now form the kingdom of evil, ruled by Satan himself.

In fact, Revelation 12:9 and 12:13-17 tell us that the purpose of Satan and his fallen angels is to deceive the whole world, and war against the children of God.

Cleansing Heaven

Another not so obvious consequence of Satan’s sin was that for the first time the presence of sin had defiled Heaven. God is a holy God. He is righteous and pure. Sin cannot stand in His Presence. Yet sin had appeared in the Presence of God and sin had to be purged.

Thankfully, God had a plan, both to cleanse Heaven and to redeem mankind. He had a plan to restore man to his rightful relationship with the Father and to give man back the dominion over earth that he had given away.

One day God would send His only begotten Son, Jesus, who would offer His blood on the altar of God as an atonement offering for the sins of the world and to cleanse the temple in Heaven.

Your Own Unfinished Battles

Understanding the finished work of Christ is a vital foundation for winning the unfinished battles we face against the devil today.

Do you have unfinished struggles that need to be taken care of? Do you want to grow closer in your relationship with the Lord? Why not take time now to look at the resources offered below?

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