Take the Next Right: Taking Scripture to the Streets

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill6 Minutes

Are you ready for something new? Something that’s going to help us see the Scriptures in perhaps a way we’ve never thought before? Well, if you said yes, then welcome to our brand new Strengthen Your Walk series. Over the next few days, we’re going to be talking about streets, signs, Scripture, and Bible study. Oh, yes, hold on friends, this is going to be amazing.

In the next 10 sessions, we’re going to literally take the Scriptures to the streets and the streets to the Scripture; to the highways and to the byways all to see how God can strengthen our walk by using everyday road signs to guide our everyday spiritual walk. So let me ask, are you ready to hit the streets with me?

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Hello everyone and welcome to Take the Next Right. I’m Kim Crabill and I’m thrilled to have you join me in what is one of my all-time favorite series. You know, God promises to guide us and walk with us. In Psalms 37:23 and 24, He even says He will direct our steps. And we’re told in Isaiah 30:21 that whether we walk to the right or to the left, our ears will hear a voice behind us saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

Friends, these are powerful truths that can be lived out in practical ways. And we can do that by 1. studying God’s word, 2. discerning His voice, and 3. having the eyes to see His signs for us along our daily way. So, that’s what we will do over the next few sessions because I’m sure you’re just like me. I want to know more than anything that I’m walking every day in the way God wants. We will open God’s word, we will quiet ourselves to hear His voice as we talk about road signs. Yes, road signs.

If you doubt what a road sign can teach you along your spiritual journey, then listen to some of these. Think about Proverbs 14:16: “The wise are cautious.” Isn’t that saying proceed with caution? What about Luke 9:62: “No one who looks back is fit for service.” Doesn’t that remind you of “No U-turns?” And who doesn’t see the sign “Danger Ahead” when you read John 16:33: “In this world you will have trials and tribulations.” I could name many more, and we will in the days ahead, but let these examples give you just a hint of how relevant everyday signs can be in our everyday lives.

So, get ready. Over the next few days, our talks are going to intermingle God’s Word into these traffic directives and change everything you’ve ever thought about road signs. And warning: from now on, everywhere you go with every sign you see, you’ll be reminded how God can use ordinary road signs to help us remember some not so ordinary spiritual guidelines.

When you think about it, road signs have almost always been with us. Some of the earliest road signs we know of in the Western world were erected by ancient Romans. Today, our 21st-century highways are decorated with green interstate signs, orange construction signs, yellow and red safety signs, and even flashing electronic signs to prepare drivers for changes ahead. But while our highway signage has changed dramatically throughout the centuries and will continue to change, another set has not changed at all. From the beginning of time, God placed signs in the Scriptures to guide us through life. Those signs exist to comfort and encourage us, to warn us, and to keep us on the right path with Him.

Their relevance does not change even though the traffic of our lives may seem more complicated than when God first set down His system of signs. That’s because the Giver of the signs does not change. He is utterly trustworthy and always will be. God has also never changed the way that He sends His signs. They are in His word, the Bible, which is as unchanging as He is.

He says to us today, from Psalms 32:8, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Isn’t that a beautiful promise? And a beautiful invitation to open His word and learn from His unchanging wisdom.

Thank you for beginning this new journey with me. Over the next few times, we will look at many more signs God uses to guide us. Goodbye friends. I look forward to seeing you next time right here as we open God’s word to Strengthen Your Walk.

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