Seizing the Good Life Shellie Tomlinson

Seizing the Good Life with Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Billie Jo YoumansBy Billie Jo Youmans2 Minutes

Tomlinson Seizing the Good LifeWouldn’t you like to sit down with “the disciple Jesus loved” and learn what a friendship with Jesus is like? Shellie Rushing Tomlinson thought that would be a good idea, and she invites you into the conversation with her new book, Seizing the Good Life. It’s a Bible Study with a unique format sure to deepen your friendship with Jesus, John, and Shellie herself. For each of the 21 chapters of the book of John, Shellie shares some letters she wrote:

  • one to the author (the disciple John),
  • one to you, the reader, and
  • one to Jesus Himself.

It’s a charming in-depth book that has the potential to change your life. You will talk about the supplies Jesus offers for living the good life as you work through each chapter of the book. You will finish this study with renewed excitement about your purpose in life and the ways God has equipped you to live the good life. Seizing the Good Life will help you drink deeply of grace, pray with greater confidence, and learn how to fact-check the world with the Word.

Shellie sat down to talk about her friendship with Jesus, her passion to share Him with others, and her latest book. She wants Christians to know we’re not designed to be the little engine that could, and we don’t have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. Jesus is right here, right now, and ready to help you live the good life! Listen in as she shares her heart for Jesus and you! Then learn more about Shellie, her ministry, and her latest book on her website.