My Lessons from Heaven: It’s a Matter of Trust

Dr. Mary NealBy Dr. Mary Neal4 Minutes

Hello and welcome to episode eight of Strengthen Your Walk™ with me, Dr. Mary Neal.

At the end of the last episode, I was standing at the final threshold between death and eternal life. I’d been there for what seemed like many hours, and came to understand many truths about God’s promises, and the divine order of the universe. Eventually, I was told it wasn’t my time, that I had more work to do on earth, and that I had to return to my body.

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I had every reason to run back to my body because on earth I had a great life. I had a wonderful husband. I had four young children who I loved more than anything. I had a great job, but I didn’t run. In fact, I had no intention of returning to earth because I was savoring the purity and intensity of God’s love.

I had already been reassured by Christ that my husband and children would be fine, and I felt like I was finally home. I also knew that we’d all be reunited at some point in the future when it was their time to come home because, yes, you will see your departed loved ones again as well as all the other people who’ve been important in your life story. Even if you didn’t have a loving relationship with them here on earth, you’ll be reunited in the clarity of understanding, reconciliation, and love.

In response to my hesitation about returning to earth, I was given a laundry list of work I had yet to do. Nothing on that list was something I wanted to do or felt equipped to do. Everything was something that would push me out of my comfort zones and greatly challenge me in one way or another, which is usually the way it is with God because rarely do any of us change or grow when things are simple or smooth.

Moving out of our comfort zones uncovers hidden gifts and talents, and challenges mature our spirit by forcing us to face the big questions about life and death, meaning, and purpose. The challenges on my laundry list of work included things about other people and events, as well as clear expectations to write, travel, and speak about my experiences, in order to help other people like you discover God’s truth.

Certainly, the most difficult piece of information was what I was told about the coming and unexpected death of my oldest son, who was a healthy nine-year-old at the time.

When I asked the obvious question of, “Why? Why my son?,” I was immediately taken back to my life review in which I had been shown again, and again, and again, the truth in God’s promise that beauty does come of all things. I was reminded that it is always a matter of letting God’s promises wash over us and trusting the truth of those promises.

With that, I was taken back down the pathway to the riverbank, and I was reunited with my broken body.

Thanks for listening today, and I’ll continue to chat about my experience on the river during the next episode of Strengthen Your Walk™.

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