Learn to Delight in the Love of God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Do you or someone you know struggle to fully accept the fact that God loves you? Do you know why you have that difficulty, or is it an ongoing struggle?

You don’t have to make the acceptance of God’s love more complicated than He would ever desire it to be.  Instead, you merely have to hold on to these two simple truths:

  • He desires you to become the person He created you to be from the moment He created the world
  • He wants to see you living a complete, fulfilled and meaningful life

In short, it’s His desire that as His child, you delight in His blessings, grace, and mercy in spite of the problems of the world.

No Problem Can Cloud God’s Love

You can list any problem that you might be facing today— relationship issues, temptation, addiction, financial concerns, or more—but nothing you list can overshadow His love for you.

Any problem you face can more than likely be traced to an underlying emotional or spiritual need within your heart; a need that has not been fully explored or lifted in prayer to Him asking for His help to resolve.

Instead of being free to fully accept God’s unconditional love and protection, you’re spending fruitless time focused on your needs.

God’s Love is Always There

God’s intended relationship with His children has always been one of love and protection. Psalm 138:7 tells us that even though we may be walking in areas of turmoil or trouble, His loving hand will always be there to save us.

God knows you. God loves you. And He wants to protect you against any concern, struggle, or heartache you face. But you must be open to receive those blessings from Him.

Are you ready to meet His hand? We can help.

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