Heartbreak to Breakthroughs

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Our prayer ministers are vessels of God’s miracles in the
lives of thousands of people like these each month—
and they would love to pray for YOU as well!

Have you ever been so excited to be a part of something great, that you can’t help but share the good news with the whole world? That’s how our prayer ministers feel every day as God uses them to transform lives and renew people’s hope.

At Inspiration Ministries, our prayer ministers encourage, strengthen, and witness the faithfulness of God each and every day. Thousands of people all over the globe have found their breakthrough by becoming Inspiration Partners and praying the prayer of agreement with our prayer ministers.

Here are a few partners the Inspiration Ministries prayer ministers have helped go from heartbreak to breakthrough … showing how you can receive a breakthrough too when we stand together with you in faith!

Seini’s New Hope – And New Baby

Seini was a mom-to-be who expected to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day with great anticipation of her baby’s arrival. But the day took an unexpected turn as she found herself grieving over a miscarriage.

Amid her pain, Seini called on the Inspiration Ministries prayer ministers to encourage her faith and renew her hope. As her faith began to rise, God was performing a miracle inside of her. Little did she know, the Lord was not only creating in her new hope, but a new child as well.

“God answered our prayer when we asked him to give us our miracle baby after my miscarriage on Mother’s Day,” she reports. “Despite everything I’ve gone through, He’s always there to solve my problem. That’s why I don’t want to look back, but to look forward.”

Deidre’s Financial Breakthrough

Deidre knew her financial need couldn’t be met without a breakthrough from God. Overwhelmed with debt and unsure of where the needed finances would come from, she called the International Prayer Center, where our prayer ministers believe all things are possible with God.

When our prayer minister shared God’s Word and prayed with Deidre, the Lord quickly came to her rescue! Soon she called back with an incredible report of God’s faithfulness to remedy her “impossible” situation. “I want to praise God for answering my prayers,” she told our prayer minister. “Shortly after we prayed, I received help paying off the back taxes and water bills for my home, and $10,371 of debt vanished!”

Kasey’s Restored Marriage

Kasey, a young mother and wife of a soldier, was led by God to plant a financial seed into Inspiration Ministries while listening to a preacher on Inspiration TV. “I was greatly struggling in my marriage, and God placed on my heart that He would restore our marriage if I took this step of faith,” Kasey wrote.

In just 11 days, the transformation of her marriage began when she heard the four little words she desperately longed for: “I love you, Kasey.”

“Our marriage had been on the rocks, but now it’s restored—all in time before my husband left on his deployment!” she joyously reported. “I know this is only the beginning, but I’m so grateful for your prayers.”

What breakthroughs do YOU need from God today?