God’s One-Eighty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

On a Caribbean island one day, an Inspiration Ministries broadcast brought God into the lives of Serena and Ardilles, a couple whose lives had been shattered by family violence, homelessness, divorce, physical trauma, and unemployment.

“It was horrible walking around in a void. I just stared into space. That is such an alone feeling.” Then God showed up through an Inspiration Ministries Campmeeting and did a one-eighty transformation in their lives!

An unemployed new mother, Serena was caring for elderly relatives when God rocked her world. “The show was just playing in the background. But I knew it was the truth! It was the answer to a longing in me. I was stunned and speechless to find out I could know Jesus!”

Hungry to know more, Serena responded to the salvation message, prayed the Prayer of Faith and began a journey that continues to thrill her today. “I no longer worry and cry because now I know God actually cares for me. My family told me the opposite – that God did not love my baby or me. I have a Someone filling an empty space that nothing else could fill!”

Serena took the message of joy to her fiancé Ardilles who felt the fears, pain, and failure of the past melt for him as well. “He believes we are going to win. We have a Savior we want to love and follow!”

Together, they began to listen to Inspiration Ministries and pray for change, gaining real strength from the presence of God. Serena explains, “Because of the prayers (on the programming), I felt the presence of God fill the room with His love and peace. He gave me understanding that He is everything I need and the truth I have been seeking.”

As truth and light penetrated their hearts more deeply, life continued getting better. The old, familiar feelings of anxiety and failure fled. And obstacles that had blocked their path crumbled in the face of God’s goodness and love. “God has been meeting our needs in amazing ways! I know now He wants me to be healed and whole,” shares Serena.

“The light, love, peace, and comfort we’ve received are unexplainable. It’s a feeling from another realm! I am just so thrilled you brought the life-changing gospel of Jesus to us. Thank you for being there for us; we weep for joy.”

What God did for Serena and Ardilles, He can do for you! Visit inspirationorgarchive.tempurl.host/souls today to sow a seed for souls.

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