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The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined. – Isaiah 9:2

When David Cerullo launched Inspiration Ministries in 1990, he was gripped with a passion to reach lost people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ: “My heart was grieved as I pondered how every second of every hour of every day thousands of desperate, thirsty souls around the world were dying, condemned to suffer eternity in hell without God.”

Over the years, Inspiration Ministries has created programs specifically targeted to reach people of all ages and backgrounds, including children, teens, men, women, including those from a Muslim heritage.

Inspiration launched Muslim Journey to Hope, a powerful TV show and website to reach Muslims interested in Christianity and new converts wanting to strengthen their faith. Muslim Journey to Hope features more than 70 amazing programs of Muslims who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Converted Muslims from such countries as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Egypt talk about their discovery of salvation and freedom through Christ.

For spiritually hungry souls like Hanene from Tunisia, the life-giving messages of Christ seemed out of reach. “I thought Jesus was only for the Americans,” she said during an interview.

In many of the testimonies of former Muslims, Christ supernaturally revealed Himself to them while they were searching for the truth. “As the programs were being taped, I often shook my head in amazement,” says the show’s producer. “It’s awesome to hear people share their stories of discovering God’s great love for the first time.”

Viewers of Muslim Journey to Hope are deeply impacted by the radical commitment these former Muslims have made to Christ. “These individuals are on fire for the Lord,” the producer explains. “They have come out of the darkness and into the light. Now that they know the truth about Jesus Christ, they are willing to share His love and forgiveness with their people around the world – even putting their lives on the line to do so.”

Mahmoud is one of the ex-Muslims who jeopardized his life by converting to Christianity. When he read the Bible and discovered that Christ can provide comfort and peace, Mahmoud decided to become a Christian.

“I was astonished with the Bible’s teachings about Christ,” Mahmoud reported. “He spoke about loving and forgiving those who sin against you. That attracted me so much.”

But Mahmoud’s family wasn’t please with his conversion. Concluding that he was possessed by evil spirits, they thought he eventually would return to Islam.

“They did their best to take me away from my newfound faith,” Mahmoud said. “When that didn’t work, they tried to kill me for leaving Islam.”

As his relatives were beating him with metal rods and other objects, Mahmoud began to pray for them. His heart’s cry was, “God, forgive them for what they are doing!”

Remarkably, he felt peace during this horrible ordeal. “Christ was the source of my peace,” he said. “Even while they were beating me, I experienced God’s forgiveness in my heart.”

Like Mahmoud, many Muslims interviewed on the program are putting their lives in danger by expressing their love for Christ. In many of their home countries, it’s a crime to preach the Gospel or to criticize the Islamic religion.

“It’s amazing that they agreed to be taped knowing their testimonies would be seen on the web and on television worldwide,” said the producer. “That’s how strongly they feel about the love of God.”

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