Friend, You’ve Got This: Have a Strategy

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill6 Minutes

How many times do you stop to think about what you are thinking about? Do you know, as the wise person you are, if you listen, you are giving yourself some really good advice and strong strategies to fight your next battle! It’s true … out of the average of 45,000 thoughts you have each day … some are valuable to prepare you for your next battle!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk, and our study, “Friend, You’ve Got This!” I’m Kim Crabill and I’m delighted to be with you!

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It may be hard to believe, but it’s true: According to the National Science Foundation, we have, on average, about 45,000 thoughts each day. From that same research, we are told that 98% are recurring thoughts. And while sadly, 80% of these thoughts have been determined to be negative, consider how many we might be able to gain from – something positive or even powerful. Perhaps we simply need to be a bit more strategic in our thinking and learn how to use our thoughts to our advantage, especially in life’s battles.

To fully explain this concept, I first need to ask if you had the opportunity to implement the “Triple D Strategies” from last time? That’s when you stop in the midst of a messy situation to spiritually discern and diagnose what God would have you do. If that happened, what were some of your thoughts on your way to DELIVERY? Maybe something like: “Am I crazy? I’m going to look so weak! Nobody in their right mind would do this!”

These are called fiery thoughts. Or to be spiritually correct (Ephesians 6:16) – fiery darts from the enemy. Take a minute to write down these fiery darts. Now think about this: what truth came into your mind that kept you going? (or what truth was a big help?) You’ll probably write down things we’ve talked about in our study like:

“I’ve been sent here as an ambassador.”

“I’ve been sent here to bring hope, to help with healing, to be light, salt, and God’s aroma.”

“I’ve Got this because God’s got me. He is here to strengthen me.”

Am I right? This was your immediate spiritual strategy kicking in to overcome the schemes of the enemy!

Now, why not take this short-term strategic way of thinking, to create a personal long-term strategic plan! You can, by thinking about what you thought about …

1) Take those very condescending thoughts/lies from the enemy, those meant to stop you, and then
2) Write out the scripture you used to overrule the thoughts or lies, with God’s word.
3) Memorize the TRUTH

Then, in your next battle you will have a plan in place that works just for you!

Oh yes, we can be assured of a next battle. I can tell you that because of my experiences, but most importantly from God’s Word. With me, in many places where God puts me, it would be very easy for the fiery darts and fear to stop me. Whether speaking to one person, or sitting with you like this, I feel fear. We all do. Fighting the fiery darts is ongoing. That battle will never be tied up in a pretty little bow and put on a shelf to never be seen again.

But also, there is a profound truth in this scripture: “After the devil had unsuccessfully tempted Christ in the wilderness,” Luke 4:13 tells us, “he (the devil) left Him (Jesus) to wait for a more opportune time.” Friend, if the enemy was planning to come back for Jesus, then we can be assured he will be back for us. Just because he leaves for a minute doesn’t mean that he won’t be back … he will. But we can be ready. We can turn what worked for us short term, into our long-term spiritual strategy. Take time today to stop and capture some of your negative thinking, and then let God turn it into something that prepares you. Say … “I’ve Got this …because God’s Word is in me!”

Thank you for joining me today … I look forward to seeing you next time on Strengthen Your Walk.

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