Friend, You’ve Got This: Expect a Shift

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Small words can have “gi-normous” meaning. I have one today that you can shout from any battle you may be facing. Hello everyone, and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk, and part three of “Friend, You’ve Got This! I’m Kim Crabill, and delighted to have you joining us.

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There was a Disney movie years ago that portrayed a bit of bullying. A young girl found herself completely removed from her normal way of life and into a somewhat hurtful environment. It was almost like the Cinderella story – the little girl was good, but circumstances were not. What I still remember from the movie was how the little girl remained steadfast in the one truth she knew she could count on: She knew her father would somehow find a way to rescue her. I recall her saying to the bullies, “Say what you want, BUT when my dad gets here, you’re going to be sorry.”

Yesterday, I shared how I love to use acrostics and visuals to store and retrieve God’s promises when I need them most. If you remember, we used the word GOT to talk about a three-fold foundational battle strategy. Well, today I have another 3-letter word acrostic that is part of one of the most powerful phrases in the Bible, and one in which we, as believers, can have full assurance! It’s a quick and powerful phrase that I use to bring comfort and peace, in the midst of chaotic and hurtful times. What is the phrase? “BUT God!”

When you see “But God” in the Bible, it means a shift is coming, a new direction is about to take place, intervention is on the way. Back to the Disney movie, remember the little girl’s comfort came from “BUT my daddy.” Well, in whatever battle we find ourselves in today, the same can be said of us, “BUT GOD!”

When you say “But God” think about using BUT as an acrostic meaning:

U – US and
T – Trials, tests, temptations … trouble

BUT GODBetween Us and Trials, Tests, Temptations … Trouble, STANDS GOD!

This is TRUTH thinking, and by acknowledging TRUTH you can expect a spiritual shift, a renewed focus, a “rescue” of sorts. You go from feeling powerless and victimized to protected and lavishly loved by the most powerful ONE. Whatever your battle today, however you are feeling bullied, you can confidently and courageously respond, “Say what you want … BUT when my Dad gets here … you’re going to be sorry.”

Thank you for joining me today … I look forward to seeing you next time on Strengthen Your Walk.

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