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Five Tools to Increase Your Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As believers, none of us should ever boast of having the perfect level of faith when it comes to our walk with the Lord. While one person may be able to boast of persistence in their faith, that same person may lack intensity. Likewise, one who may boast of strength may lack persistence.

Fortunately, God does not leave any of us alone in our weakness. He has given us tools to help increase our faith—all we need to do is honor them with practice!

1. Ask for more. It is vital that we exercise whatever level of faith we already have, but it is equally vital that we consistently ask God for more.

2. Read God’s Word. Reading the Bible with the Holy Spirit’s guidance is one of the best methods for building your faith; and more so, reading the Scriptures aloud will build your faith when you hear God’s Word spoken – even if it’s just your own voice you’re hearing.

3. Fast and pray. Combining fasting with prayer is a powerful weapon in your spiritual arsenal. If you find your faith being attacked by fear and doubt, fasting under the Lord’s direction may be just what is needed to not only restore, but to build, your faith.

4. Worship and praise Him. Through praise and worship, the faith level of His children is raised, and God’s love and blessings are released. Worshiping the Lord with love and adorations in our hearts inevitably increases our faith!

5. Speak God’s words. Spoken words have a lot of power, both for good and for evil. Decide today that you no longer will speak discouraging or faith-destroying words, but only those words which are encouraging and faith-building.

Faith is a spiritual force. Just like a force of electricity, there are certain things that can block faith from flowing from God into our hearts and through our lives.

Use the above tools to help release that blockage while also repenting and asking God for the courage, strength, and power of the Holy Spirit to walk in victory in Jesus’ name!