Favor Is God’s Reward for Obedience

Favor Is God’s Reward for Obedience

Dr. Dave MartinBy Dr. Dave Martin2 Minutes

Throughout the Bible, the repeated request from God is for our obedience to Him. He doesn’t really care about our good deeds or the talents we may exhibit professionally or socially. All God really wants from you is your obedience.

He wants you to do what He says because acts of obedience prove your trust in Him. In fact, faith and trust are the things He admires most and the qualities He most passionately responds to, and they both stem from obedience.

In The Force of Favor by Dr. Dave Martin, the author writes that “if you want increased favor in your life, start obeying God in every area of your life.”

To some, that may be easier said than done without some structural guideposts. Fortunately, Martin provides the following Biblical facts to help you in your walk:

  • Obedience is doing anything God commands you to do, regardless of the cost
  • Your obedience guarantees that God will always respond in favor to you
  • Promotion always follows obedience
  • Your obedience to God’s instruction is the only proof of your love for Him
  • Your obedience is rewarded with supernatural protection
  • Your obedience and faithfulness to your employer guarantees blessings from God
  • Your obedience to the Word of God creates increased favor in your life
  • Provision is only guaranteed at your point of obedience

He goes on to say, “Just start doing those things that you already know to do because God has been telling you to do them for a long, long time.”

In other words, discard the destructive behaviors that God has been prodding you to lay down, and act on the things you already know are the will of God in your life.

Remember, God is a “rewarder of those that diligently seek him” (Hebrews 11:6, KJV).  We’ve provided some resources below to help you as you continue your walk in obedience.