Delivered from a Demon

Jake KailBy Jake Kail5 Minutes

The enemy must bow to the power of our living God.

Along with biblical teaching on the topic of demons and deliverance, my book Setting Captives Free: How to Break the Chains of Demonic Influence has many modern-day testimonies of freedom from evil spirits. Below is one such testimony.

Our church hosted a water baptism service. Nyla came to the service to be baptized, but I knew very little about her background. I had met her briefly and talked to her on the phone about her desire to be baptized. She attended a different church but heard about the baptism service through some friends.

Nyla was born in the Middle East and grew up as a Muslim. She ended up in the United States as a refugee. Christians reached out to her, but at first, she was resistant. She eventually went to church with them, and without knowing why, she cried throughout the service. God was softening her heart. Jesus soon revealed Himself to her through a dream, and she committed her life to Him.

About 200 people attended at the baptism service. We gathered at a pond and worshiped, and then I shared briefly about the significance of being baptized in water. The Holy Spirit had put on my heart that there would be deliverance from evil spirits at this service in connection with water baptism. I had heard of testimonies of deliverance happening during baptism, but had yet to see to see it happen in my own ministry.

Though baptism is not what saves us, an actual spiritual transaction takes place, and there is a cutting off of the enemy. I declared that some who had been under demonic influence and oppression would be delivered as they obeyed the Lord in water baptism.

As I began to lead those who were getting baptized in a prayer of declaration of faith in Jesus, Nyla prayed along. But about halfway through the prayer, I noticed that she was no longer praying. She seemed to be struggling and was crying. I discerned that a spiritual battle was taking place.

She later told me that during this prayer she was hearing a demon say things like, What are you doing here? You’re going to go to hell if you do this! Go back to Islam! Get out of here!

Nyla stepped into the water to be baptized, and I laid hands on her and began to pray, breaking off any demonic power and commanding it to go in the name of Jesus. Within seconds, she began to tremble and then let out a long, loud shriek as the demon was cast out of her. As the demon was leaving, Nyla felt it being torn out of her chest and throat as it screamed in terror at the power of the resurrected Christ!

The crowd witnessed a clear demonstration of God’s power over the kingdom of darkness. For some, this was nothing new, as it is not uncommon for deliverance ministry to happen at our church. But for others, this scene was a little shocking.

The following week, Nyla testified in our Sunday service about her experience. She explained that she had been oppressed by this demon for many years. Nothing that she or her parents tried to do brought any relief. There was not a dry eye in the crowd as she explained her story in broken English and testified how Jesus delivered her in His love and mercy. The place erupted in spontaneous praise to our great God!

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