Dancing on Your Dash: The Perfect Dance Partner

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill7 Minutes

Sometimes we avoid opportunities and say “No” to invitations in life because they can seem so intimidating. And even though we’d love to say yes, we deny ourselves the opportunity because being successful seems so beyond anything we could ever accomplish — well beyond our potential or capability!

Hello friend, I’m Kim Crabill, delighted to welcome you back to Strengthen Your Walk and our new series “Dancing on Your Dash” — discerning when and discovering how God has choreographed our daily steps to fulfill the incredible plan He has declared for each of our lives.

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Are you like me? When you think of dancing, do you first say to yourself, “Oh no! I’ll sit this one out for sure, because I know I have two left feet. What if I use them to step all over my partner’s toes? And even worse … what if not only my partner but everyone watching witnesses my awkwardness? Oh no! Spare me the embarrassment.”

Anybody have thoughts like this?

Well, if you are like me, let me tell you a little dancing secret that I’ve learned along the way: It’s not about the dance as much as the One inviting you to dance! You see, when you have the right partner, the intimidation, worry, anxiousness, awkwardness, fear — it all begins to melt away.

But, to begin today, let’s first talk about the dance you imagine yourself dancing through life. What does it look like? Are you remembering some of the other dances you’ve done?

The Twist: I’m all twisted up in knots of fear, worry, and doubt.

The Basic Waltz: No challenges or changes, please. Keep it simple. 1,2,3 … 1,2,3 … 1,2,3 …

The Swim: Aaaaack, I’m going under! Help!

The Macarena: Wake, work, sleep, repeat, wake, work, sleep, repeat … Heyyyyy Macarena!

Or perhaps, you feel like a spinning ballerina in a beautifully fashioned music box, looking all polished, perfect, and performing … only to collapse as soon as the music stops. Or you cross the threshold of your home and close the door to the audience of the world.

Here’s the invitation today: A focus shift you might say — To leave behind what has been our dance and to begin to see the One who invites us to dance.

Do this: Close your eyes for just a minute. Now imagine a perfectly choreographed waltz. Hear the beautiful music. Now see the man as He extends a gentle hand and his partner accepts it. In the rise and fall, she flows best when she follows him, echoing his movements. The waltz is a traveling dance, each movement carried to completion — and the man’s goal is to show off his partner in all her beauty and grace.

Think about this: neither partner in a waltz is ever alone. Awww! See, that’s what it’s like to dance with Jesus. Matthew 28:20 has Him assuring His followers, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age … ”the very end of our dance.”

Now, be assured that the word “always” means always. Hebrews 13:5 again reiterates this same promise: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Friends, this includes our worst moments, our clumsy moments, our missteps, mistakes … the times when we feel so very unworthy of any dance partner at all — let alone the perfect one.

You may be thinking what a beautiful story, but are convinced this could never be your story because for whatever reason you said “No” or left the dance a long time ago. If this is you, let me remind you of a story written in Luke 15 where we find Jesus talking about a prodigal son. You’ll probably remember that son asked his father for his share of the estate early, then squandered it with wild living. He ended up feeding pigs for a living while he himself went hungry.

When the prodigal son could bear his conditions no longer, he went back to his father to ask to be hired as a mere servant.

Reading on, we see that the father was so overjoyed about his son’s return that he welcomed him with open arms, generous gifts, and a huge celebration including music and dancing. Yes, dancing.

The Father didn’t demand, “Where’ve you been all this time?” Rather, He rejoiced! He danced — because He adored His child. In the same way, our Heavenly Father feels nothing but a grace-filled love for us no matter how many times we’ve stumbled or no matter how many times we’ve said no because of intimidation or fear.

Here’s the truth … the Father sees you even if you are still “sitting it out” or “a long way off” and He accepts and loves and celebrates you. Will you see Him as He extends His gracious hand to you today as your perfect partner and invites you to dance?

Today friend, I hope you see Him … and Strengthen Your Walk by saying “Yes” to the One who invites you to dance!

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