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Become an Inspiration Covenant Partner

Inspiration Ministries is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hopeless in the far corners of the world by broadcasting the Gospel to those who may not have any other way of hearing it.

You may not be able to travel around the world as a missionary, but when you sow your monthly seeds of $25 (£19) into the good ground of Inspiration Ministries you are helping fulfill the great commission.

Your involvement helps reach souls on every continent with the saving, healing, and redeeming message of Jesus Christ.

The clock is ticking. Souls are perishing every day. Every second of every day, three more people pass into eternity without Jesus Christ. That’s 180 people a minute; 11,800 people an hour; and 250,000 people every day.

We don’t have a minute to waste.

Become an Inspiration Covenant Partner today by sowing a monthly seed, no matter how large or small, into the good ground of Inspiration Ministries. Your support is an important part of bringing the light of the Gospel to people around the world.

Together we will reap a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God.

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