Confront and Conquer: The Warrior’s Timing

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill9 Minutes

Kim Crabill: Hello, everyone and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk. I’m Kim Crabill.

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Casey Gomes: And I’m Casey Gomes.

Kim: Thank you for joining us for this series, “Confront and Conquer.” Providing biblical principles to reveal, revive, and restore the warrior inside you. Let’s talk about what to do when we don’t know what to do. We’ve all been there, right Casey?

Casey: Of course, we have. Especially me.

Kim: Yes.

Casey: I bet you recall sitting in your chair, sitting there, and thinking to yourself, “I need a voice to hear. When’s God gonna talk to me?” Well, I did that in Miss Kim’s living room a few years ago. I was thinking, “Come on God. I’m here, talk to me. Speak up. Tell me, I’ll do it.” But it’s not our timing, it’s God and there are steps to help us know what to do and when to do it.

Kim: That’s right, Casey. And I so remember that. Just sitting there. And I think that we’re all like that. It’s just like, “God we just need to know what to do.”

When we are in that situation where we really are ready, but we don’t know what it is, there are some biblical principles that we want to talk about today and what to do. We’re gonna go back into the Old Testament book of Jeremiah 6:16 to find some answers. So, Casey, what is that Scripture?

Casey: In the Scripture it says, this is what the Lord says, “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it.”

Kim: There you go. So, to recall this quickly, I called this to be able to remind myself quickly. I call this the “Path to the Four P’s.” I have to lodge something in my brain to think about it quickly so that we can memorize it. It’s very important to memorize the word. But in this Scripture, you’ll look right there where it says stand. And stand means just to pause, stop. Right, Casey?

Casey: Yes. Stopping is not the same as doing nothing. Right?

We want to ponder and look. Because if we keep moving, we’re not actually going to see everything all around us. It’s an important first step.

Kim: That’s right, pause. Just stop everything. And then the word says to ponder — to look around. And there it’s like what do we ponder? We ponder where we are. We ponder what’s in the briefcase. We ponder what the Word says and just really start to collect information. We need to gather all of our information before we can make a wise decision, even within ourselves. And even for God to be able to help us and direct us. So, then after we pause and we ponder …

Casey: We pray. We ask for God’s guidance and listen to what He’s telling us.

Kim: That’s right, we just talk to Him, have that conversation because like we talked about last time, God will talk to us. So, we’re building upon this hearing from God process. So then, after we pause, we ponder, we pray. Then …

Casey: We proceed. We actually start that walk or continue that walk based on the guidance that we’ve had from observing, but also listening to God’s voice in our lives.

Kim: Yeah, absolutely. And how important are these principles, Casey? How have you utilized these?

Casey: It’s hard to encapsulate it in a concise way, but I will say as I got more quiet, as I started to spend more time. For me, it’s the morning, with God in the Word in the Bible, and praying. I got much more clarity with the walk that He was asking me to do. And as you mentioned before, sometimes that was His voice. Other times that was me stepping forward into the world and seeing some of the circumstances in my life around me change and interpreting them differently than I probably would have previously.

Kim: Yeah, absolutely. The reason I want to give you these Scriptures is for you to dive into them because the Scripture is alive. It’s active and it will meet you right where you are. And it will speak to you, and it will show you the next step. But God is a god of detail, and He has steps. And He invites us into those steps so that we can hear Him, and we know what to do.

I know that you’ve been opening up that briefcase that we talked about. You’re looking in your life and good for you for doing that. You’re starting to really believe that God has more for you than what maybe you have believed in the past. And now, God is asking us to step out. He’s wanting to speak to us individually. I love that God’s Word is so personal and it’s so practical. And it’s for each and every one of us. Our battle is to believe it so much that we act upon it. And we can, as we hold onto the truth of that. We can take those steps.

Listen, every word written in the Bible, if you believe it; if you have the faith — and I do with my whole heart and I know Casey does — it is God-breathed, and it is useful to teach us. To train us.

According to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, God’s Word is active and it is alive. It will go into your heart, and it will go into that briefcase, according to Hebrews 4:12. It will complete it. The Word will complete and accomplish all that it’s meant to do according to Isaiah 55:11.

And today, as you are a part of this, I so believe that God means for His Word to show you what to do with those things that you found in your briefcase. If you’ve noticed at the end of this four-part principle that we’ve talked about, it says that then you will find rest for your souls. And it goes back to that rest, that reversal. You’ve been living in this pain, living in this hurt, feeling condemned and God is saying, “Is it time to reverse this? Come spend time with me.”

Let’s pause. Let’s ponder. Let’s pray because he has a Word for each and every one of us today. In the next few days will you consider just taking time and just stilling your heart and listening to God’s voice? And like I always say, “Remember we cannot conquer what we don’t confront. But as we confront, according to Romans 8:37, God assures us that He’s already made us more than conquerors through Him.”

So, we should hold onto that. Right Casey?

Casey: Hold onto that warrior and keep fighting. It’s the most important aspect of it.

Kim: Absolutely. Thank you for joining us today. We pray that this “Confront and Conquer” series will strengthen your walk.

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