Benefits of Daily Bible Reading

Benefits of Daily Bible Reading

Melissa HendersonBy Melissa Henderson4 Minutes

Daily Bible reading offers the opportunity to grow closer in relationship with God. Reading Scripture provides the peace and comfort of gaining a stronger faith and the ability to share the Word of God. Each verse holds special meaning and a powerful story to learn from and to help ourselves and others.

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. (Romans 15:4 NIV)

Glancing around my home, I notice the Bibles sitting in various places. One on a table beside the couch, two in the guest bedroom, another in my bedroom. There are several Bibles with different translations on the bookcase in my home office. Some of the Bibles were given as gifts. Some I purchased on my own.

With all those Bibles, I reflected on how often I opened one and read. Do I read Scripture on Sunday and perhaps a few devotions during the week? Or do I open His Word every day and share conversation with God?

There are also many devotion books in the house. Sign up emails arrive almost daily asking me to participate in a Scripture reading challenge or to join a group reading the Bible. I make sure to choose wisely and not overload my schedule. I don’t want to realize I’ve signed up for too many things and not be able to read His Word with the love and patience needed to absorb each message.

God has provided us with His Word and His teachings. He gave people the ability to record words and actions sharing the beginning of the world to His promises for the future.

In Romans 15:4, we are reminded that everything has been written and recorded to teach us. We can learn valuable lessons and gain strength in our faith. Through daily Bible reading, we can gain confidence to share His Word with others.

Certain people were given the knowledge to record His works and His messages. Through those chosen people, we learn what was and what is to come.

Daily Bible reading helps us understand the love God feels for us.

There is Scripture for every occasion, every situation. From moments filled with joy to moments filled with sorrow, we can look to His Word and find comfort.

When a friend, family member or stranger asks “Why are you a Christian?” or “How do I read the Bible and understand the stories?” or “What is a good Daily Bible Reading plan?”, I want to be ready and willing with encouragement and help.

Beginning my day by reading His Word brings peace. I am reminded that I can go to Him at any time. He is always waiting with open arms. The day may bring happiness or stress. However the day develops, I know comfort and peace are found in His Word.

Daily Bible reading brings a closer relationship with God. The more I read His Word, the more I want to read, study and apply Scripture to my life.

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