A Journey to Hope and Healing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Vineta’s turnaround began one day when she cried out to God while watching Inspiration Campmeeting, “I need a breakthrough, Lord!”

Sensing the Holy Spirit speaking to her, Vineta took a huge step of faith and gave a love gift of $1,000 to Inspiration Ministries. Once her decision was made, she immediately felt God flood her heart with peace. “My heart and mind were glowing from the teaching I heard during Campmeeting,” she reports. “I knew God was going to intervene in my situation.”

For 15 years, Vineta had suffered from anger issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure. “I was full of anger,” she says, “and this really took a toll on my relationships with my husband, six children, and 13 grandchildren. And I felt great sadness about some of the things my children were doing.”

Vineta’s youngest son had gone to jail for a while after running from the police. He was given a one-year sentence, but was released early because of good behavior.

“I think being in jail was the best thing that could have happened in his life,” Vineta now says. “I had prayed so much for him, and he opened his heart to God in jail. Now he’s in church and I don’t worry about him anymore. I gave him to the Lord, and he’s a different person now.”

Vineta points to the $1,000 gift she gave to Inspiration Ministries as the beginning of many of the other changes she has experienced. In addition to working in her son’s life, God has healed her from sickness, anger, and sin. “I have faith in God to always be with me,” she says. “He wants me to serve Him with a good heart and strong mind and body.”

The Lord had brought restoration to practically every area of Vineta’s life. “I’ve never felt this free before!” she says. “I no longer have to take medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure. And not only has the Lord healed my body, but He’s also healed my marriage, and I don’t worry about my children anymore!”

David Cerullo’s book Take It Back! has been a major inspiration for Vineta. “After reading David’s book, I see that God’s power in me can conquer anything!” she exclaims. “Reading that book really changed my life.”

Praying with the prayer ministers in the International Prayer Center has also helped Vineta grow closer to God. “I believe in your ministry and I will continue to give generously to win Souls. Inspiration Ministries has been such a blessing to me, and I want to partner with you to help others find the same hope and healing.”