Harnessing the Force of Favor

Harnessing the Force of Favor

Dr. Dave MartinBy Dr. Dave Martin2 Minutes

God’s favor is an incredible spiritual force. When properly activated and harnessed, it can enable you to regain in a day what the enemy has stolen from you for years.

When you receive God’s favor, it can transform your…

  • Health. You might have cancer today, but it can be gone tomorrow.
  • Finances. You may be deeply in debt today, but debt free tomorrow.
  • Marriage. God can put more love in your marriage than you ever thought possible.
  • Children. After you’ve prayed for years for your son or daughter to get saved, they can suddenly call and say, “I’ve given my heart to the Lord, and I’m coming home.”

As a child of God, you should expect His favor. But remember: This is not a one-time event but a lifelong spiritual force that will impact every area of your life!

God always responds to faith, and one of the surest ways to demonstrate faith is to sow financial seeds into His Kingdom. My wife Christine and I have seen the Lord’s favor released time and again when we trusted Him with our finances. This process began when we lived in government-subsidized housing, slept on an air mattress, and didn’t even have a dining room table and chairs!

Let me ask you this: What area of your life needs a breakthrough of God’s favor?

I recently talked to a couple who went through a divorce six years ago. Each of them planted financial seeds for the healing of their family, and they happened to run into each other at a wedding soon after that.

After six years apart, this man and woman began to date again. Before long they were walking down the aisle to reunite their marriage and their precious children.

Just as God’s favor brought this family together again, He can meet the needs in your life when you take a step of faith and obedience. Trust Him!