3 Voices Determine Harvest

3 Voices That Determine Your Harvest

James PayneBy James Payne1 Minutes

After sowing what little he had, James Payne was freed from over $250,000 of debt. Now he describes three distinct voices that determine whether YOU will experience a financial breakthrough too!

  1. The voice of your NEED. This voice says, “You can’t afford to trust God with your money. You should wait until He gives more to you.” If you listen to this voice, you’ll be endlessly waiting for a harvest – never getting around to sowing any seeds!
  2. The voice of your GREED. This voice tells you, “You better hold on to what you have because that’s all you will ever have.” This is unbelief, plain, and simple. God honors your faith, and if you don’t expect a breakthrough, you’ll never receive one.
  3. The voice of your SEED. This voice is based on the Word of God and is quickened by the Spirit of God. It boldly declares, “When you trust God with your finances, you can watch your resources multiply!” Remember how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish? Sowing in faith is the only step you can take that guarantees a harvest (Galatians 6:7-9).

Today, release what’s in YOUR hand, and trust God to release the blessings in HIS hand! To sow your seed to win souls and disciple believers, use the enclosed response form or visit inspirationcampmeeting.com.