Lucy Shimmers & the Prince of Peace: The Faith of a Child (Movie Review)

John FarrellBy John Farrell5 Minutes

“We all have a great purpose, but some have that extra something. That sparkle in their eye, that magic in their soul that touches every heart they come in contact with.”— Narrator from Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace

If there was ever a character that so perfectly encapsulated the above quote, you would be hard-pressed to find a better example than precocious five-year-old Lucy Shimmers from the heart-warming and gut-wrenching 2020 film Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace.

Scarlett Diamond (Our Father’s Keeper), in her first major role, steals the spotlight and captures the audience’s heart in every one of her scenes in the 87-minute G-rated film. Starring opposite of Diamond is Vincent Vargas (“Mayans M.C.”) as convict Edgar Ruiz. As unlikely a pairing as Lucy and Edgar are, they form a unique and special bond that will have you reaching for the tissues.

Lucy is a spunky, vibrant child who sees and talks to her late Grandpa Jackson (Shawn Stevens, “Days of Our Lives”). She develops a nasty cough that turns into pneumonia, requiring her to go to the hospital where she is admitted. Regardless of her illness, she is determined to finish making her book by Christmas. The book has three characters: herself, Jesus, and a sad man she’s seen in her dreams.

Edgar is a hardened criminal nearing the end of his incarceration; however, he may not make it out of prison alive. His kidneys are failing and his only hope of surviving is through a kidney transplant. The only problem—besides not being able to stand or walk—is that he’s all but given up. Although Edgar is on the list to receive a kidney transplant, he’s at the bottom because he’s a convict.

In his mind, he doesn’t deserve to live or a second chance. Additionally, he’s estranged from his family and knows they won’t forgive him or take him back. In short, he’s lost hope.

The hospital where the prison originally takes Edgar isn’t equipped to handle Edgar and his need for a new kidney; therefore, they relocate him to a new facility. His room in the new hospital is guarded 24-7 by security and happens to be right down the hall from Lucy’s. As Edgar’s getting settled into his new surroundings, the resident pastor gives him a Bible and says, “If you read the Bible, Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy are available to all who want it. He’s the only one you need to impress.”

Lucy and Edgar’s lives first intersect when they pass each other in the hall outside their rooms. She immediately recognizes him and contrives a plan to befriend him. With the help of her Grandpa Jackson, she sneaks into Edgar’s room where she convinces him to reconnect with his family. Additionally, she tells him about the wonderful and redemptive power of Jesus. Lucy assures him that God has a marvelous plan for him once he leaves the hospital and is released from prison. She also convinces him that there is such a thing as second chances and that he deserves one.

Despite her illness, her faith shines like a beacon to all those around her. During her short stay in the hospital, Lucy makes friends with other patients—young and old—and the janitor, who is dealing with his own struggles.

As could be expected, Lucy’s parents aren’t too keen on her fraternizing with other people at the hospital, especially a convict. When her father, played by Adam Hightower (Heist), expresses his concern, Lucy replies in the most innocent and Lucy-like way, “Jesus loves him, why can’t we?”

Yes, why can’t we? It’s such a powerful reminder that we should all heed.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is a movie that the whole family can enjoy during the holiday seasons or any time throughout the year. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand.