Family Celebrations Labor Day 2020 Style

Labor Day Family Celebrations

Rhonda RobinsonBy Rhonda Robinson6 Minutes

Since the summer of 1894, Americans have enjoyed a national holiday on the first Monday in September. Traditionally, it closes out summer activities and school vacation. It’s sort of the last hoorah before the new school year begins. But then, this is 2020. Few things are the same. While closings and uncertainty seem to have a firm grip on travel plans and gatherings, it could be the perfect time to try on a new Labor Day tradition.

Before you decide to finish that project you’ve been wanting to get to all summer, consider using the long weekend to enjoy some family time together. Just to celebrate you.

Children love celebrations of all kinds. It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is. If mom and dad don’t have to go to work and there’s no school– that’s worth celebrating in your children’s minds. As adults, we tend to want to “get away” to celebrate and enjoy our off time. But for children, the excitement of celebrating time together is just as good at home as it is on the road. Maybe even better because mom and dad are less stressed. Here are some of our family’s tried-and-true ways to celebrate at home.

Make this Labor Day a stress free holiday.

Let’s face it, this year has taken its toll in many ways. Why not take the opportunity to create a stress free holiday? When we are talking stress free, you can translate that as simplicity. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. You would be surprised how little it takes to create a special memory for your children.

  • Spread a blanket and have a picnic in the yard. No need to be fancy. Sandwiches will do– but throw in a special treat you don’t have often.
  • Root beer floats make any day special. Nothing special needed other than a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, your favorite brand of root beer and a tall glass. Too plain Jane for you? Then doll it up. Add some whipping cream, a cherry, and a big fat straw and you have a master piece.
  • Dim the lights, pull the curtains, and pitch a tent— in the living room, or your child’s bedroom. Put on your childhood favorite movies and share it with your children. Snuggling under blankets to watch an afternoon movie in the dark is always a treat.

Special foods make the day.

In keeping with our stress free holiday, this can be as simple as just adding one thing. Or doing something you normally do, just a little different.

  • Instead of a taco bar, try a taco table. Spread a disposable table cloth over an outdoor table (indoor works too, but outdoor is a bit less messy). Dump out your tortilla chips onto the table. Set your favorite toppings in bowls in the center. Sprinkle meat over the chips, and drizzle it with melted cheese. Fill your plates or just pull up a chair, either way you’ll have wide eyes and full tummies.
  • Potato bar is another way to bring new life into the mundane. Throw a bunch of potatoes in a slow cooker in the morning, then in the evening, set the table with bowls of bacon bits, onions, chives, melted or shredded cheese. Here’s where you can really get creative, put any and all of your favorite toppings out and pile them on.
  • Banana splits. When was the last time you had a good old fashioned banana split? Dress up your ice cream with an all time favorite. This can be more fun than going to a soda shop. Crush a few candy bars, grab some chocolate syrup, candy sprinkles, and watch your kids’ eyes light up.

Games are always a big hit.

True confessions, I’m not a big game gal. Much to my family’s dismay, I just don’t enjoy many games. However, I do enjoy hearing the laugher of my children and grandchildren. Living in the age of electronics makes board games almost obsolete. That alone can make the simplest game new. The game itself, is not the point. The whole idea is time with the kids– without electronics.

  • Pass the phone basket. Have everyone put their phones in the basket. The first one to retrieve it automatically loses the game.
  • Trouble is a fast fun game when there are many ages that includes toddlers.
  • Don’t forget Monopoly.Granted it’s a long game, but then, you have the whole day to play together. Pop some popcorn and be a tycoon family for a day.

Children remember the smallest gestures. We can spend thousands on trips to theme parks and wear them out. But the real treasures are usually found in your own home and your own backyard. What children remember the most, are the sights, smells, and laughter of their childhood home. And best of all, parents willing to step out of their busy lives to laugh and play with them.