Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda Robinson is a speaker and the author of Freefall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes, offering women spiritual wisdom to transform the darkness into a season of profound change and emerge with vision and purpose. Learn more at rhondarobinson.tv

Growing a Mother’s Heart: Part 2

RR: In your new book Growing a Mother's Heart, how do you help mothers who may feel isolated find…

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How to Restore Your Heart After a Hard Christmas

The holidays are not only a time when we are expected to be happy, but as parents, it's up to us to…

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Give the Gift of Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions. The very word, "tradition" has a regal tone that commands respect and…

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What Do I Tell My Kids About Santa?

"What is Santa going to bring you, young man?" Zach looked at the sweet elderly lady as if she had…

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Meet the ‘King of Christmas Fiction’ Part 2

Best-selling author Richard Paul Evans sits down with Rhonda Robinson to talk about his newest…

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Meet the ‘King of Christmas Fiction’ Part 1

In the first of this two-part interview, best-selling author Richard Paul Evans sits down with…

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What to Buy Your Kids for Christmas

Growing up, my oldest children loved a woman we called "Aunt Jessie." It took them over two decades…

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Redeem Halloween This Year

Halloween has a special place in my heart. As it should. It's my birthday. This fact has its…

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Should You Tell “White Lies” to Children
Should You Tell ‘White Lies’ to Children?

Once upon a time, the culture as a whole understood that children are not mini-adults. In reality,…

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Create Memories for Your Children
Create Memories for Your Children

We all do it, or at least try. We save for trips to amusement parks, camping trips, and excursions…

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