Celebrate Yom Kippur: A Powerful Day of Holiness!

David CerulloBy David Cerullo1 Minutes

Today at sundown begins one of the most sacred days on God’s calendar: Yom Kippur. The “Day of Atonement.” God Himself established this special day after the Israelites left Egypt (Leviticus 16:29).

He directed that everyone was to examine their lives. No one could work or eat. Nothing was ordinary. This day was “most holy to the Lord.”

In later years, synagogues often read Isaiah 58 on Yom Kippur because this chapter focused on holy living. God promised to answer their call and bless their lives if they truly were sorry for their sins and made real changes.

This day still is special to God. He still is holy and wants to bless His people. But He still reminds us that we cannot receive these blessings if our lives are polluted by sin.

Remember: God wants to bless you. Let Him search your heart and mind. Confess your sins and receive His forgiveness.

Obey His Word and seek to restore broken relationships. Then, rejoice in the freedom that is yours through Christ!


God bless you,

David Cerullo