What Can You Do to Feel Healthier?

Caitlyn ScaggsBy Caitlyn Scaggs6 Minutes

We live in a world that is never short on suggestions for how to practice better self care. Drink more water, get more exercise, meditate, take supplements, pursue your dreams, or get more sleep. While there is wisdom to be gained from practical ways to take care of our bodies and minds, we need to dig deeper into soul care and ways that we can pursue God’s best for us as we seek to feel healthier.

Watch Your Substitutes

When it comes to living healthier lives we really need to watch the substitutes we are using. No, I’m not talking about artificial sweeteners — I’m talking about anything we are using to replace God. For example, if you are feeling sad and broken, are you submitting it to God in prayer or are you eating your feelings in your favorite sweet treat? If you are discouraged and unsure where to turn, are you numbing your mind with endless scrolling on social media instead of turning to God’s word for wisdom and guidance.

If we want to embrace healthy lives that are rooted in truth we must carefully guard against any substitute that takes God’s rightful place in our life. Turn to God first and use prayer as your primary coping mechanism before you turn to the things of this world — no matter how good or healthy that thing may be.

Live Measured Like Jesus

Part of pursuing a healthier life comes from aligning priorities to be consistent with what God has taught us through Scripture and the life of Jesus. Did you ever stop to consider that Jesus didn’t “hustle” to the cross and he never once advised his disciples to “embrace the grind” in an effort to accomplish ministry goals.

Throughout the ministry of Jesus we see a measured pace that makes time for relationships, people, and rest. Jesus modeled slipping away to quiet places for time with the Father. His days consistently had space for intimacy with God. If we want to be healthier we need to carefully and intentionally model this measured way that Jesus lived.

We must guard our days against the disease of over-busy that threatens to steal our ability to enjoy the beautiful reality of being still in the presence of God. Being still before God and leaving margin for intimate moments with the Lord will leave you feeling healthier and more whole.

Your Body Is a Temple

Have you stopped to consider that your body is on loan to you? An earthly vessel that carries an eternal soul? God gave it to you so you can be a good steward while you are living on this side of heaven. We must care for ourselves in a way that expresses gratitude for the body we have been given — even if we do experience aches, pains, quirks, and afflictions of humanity.

Consider how exercise can actually be an act of worship as you move and exert effort that uses your body in ways that only a creative and clever God could allow it to be used. If you go for a jog, let every footfall be part of a rhythm of gratitude. If you go on a hike, allow each step to be filled with wonder for how you can move through creation. As you stretch and move, consider how God made each part of you, knitting you together with care, intention, and in His image.

This reframes the “hohum” way we can feel toward exercise and the ways we care for ourselves physically. Taking good care of our physical selves is a way to demonstrate gratitude to God.

Embrace Community

Another way to feel healthier is to surround yourself with others who are in pursuit of the Lord. Scripture reminds us that we are to encourage each other daily (Hebrews 3:13), use our faiths as a mutual encouragement (Romans 1:11-12), and set examples for each other (1 Timothy 4:12).

When you immerse yourself in community that is seeking to be an example of walking with Jesus, it will impact you in positive ways, too. Iron sharpens iron, so make sure you are seeking friends and connections that will sharpen you spiritually.

Feel Healthier in God-Honoring Ways

When you are seeking to feel healthier always make sure to check the suggestions and ideas against God’s truth and His best for your life. Seek no substitute for His wisdom and as a leading force of health. Avoid the cultural trap of living with days that are packed so full there is no room to see God at work in and around you. Remember to care for yourself in a way that shows gratitude for how He has given you life and different abilities. And immerse yourself in a community of people who will encourage you to think about things from above and grow in your faith journey.