The Lump Is Not Cancerous!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Daisy got good news from the doctors when she stood in faith and trusted in God’s faithfulness to heal her.

When she moved to the United Kingdom from Zimbabwe twelve years ago with her three children, Daisy couldn’t have foreseen a time in her life even more tumultuous than fleeing the violence and bad economy she left back home.

“We were asylum seekers,” Daisy explains. “Our lives were deteriorating. It was the prompting of the Holy Spirit that told us to move.”

So Daisy and her children moved to the UK and joined her husband, who had moved there before them to find a job that would support the family.

Then over a decade later, Daisy faced another trial. A lump was found on her thigh during a routine medical checkup. When she was referred to the hospital for X-rays, she was very scared.

Her doctor told her he suspected that she had cancer, but they had to run some tests to be certain. “I told the doctor I was going to pray!” Daisy says.

First, she prayed with the prayer ministers at her church. “I started praying in the Spirit and laughing in the Spirit,” Daisy describes the scene. “When I asked myself why I was laughing, I realized that I laughed because I knew God was going to heal me.”

She also called the Inspiration Prayer Center and prayed for healing with one of the prayer ministers. Her faith was stirred even more as she watched Inspiration Campmeeting and the other motivating Christian programs on Inspiration TV.

“People were getting healed, and miracles were happening,” Daisy recalls. “I was particularly impacted by David Cerullo and saw that he was doing the work of God. And the preaching and testimonies on Inspiration TV showed me that miracles happen when you give.”

As she awaited the test results, Daisy sowed seeds into God’s Kingdom and continued to pray with her local pastors and the prayer ministers at Inspiration Ministries.

Finally, the hospital called with the test results. “We have good news for you,” they said. “The lump is not cancerous!”

Daisy still is full of rejoicing when she remembers how she felt when she received that call. “God is so good. When your prayer ministers prayed, I could see the faithfulness of God.”

Daisy’s faith gave her confidence that God would deliver her from any illness. She expected to receive a miracle from God, and she did.

“You can expect for God to be faithful, and He is always faithful,” Daisy says. “If you want physical healing – God is faithful. If you want financial healing – God is faithful. When you see God heal you and bless you, you want to live for His Kingdom.”

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).

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