Silencing Shame

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Mental health issues carry a stigma in every nation, but in many third-world nations, shame is not just an outcome – it’s the treatment plan. The so-called care given to those coping with mental health challenges can include chaining, whipping, and food deprivation as well as a loss of privacy and basic rights.

Born in Nigeria, Olufunmi had many personal struggles including a schizophrenia diagnosis that brought her shame and disgrace. But because she knew the One true God, Olufunmi was determined to focus on God’s ability to work in her life. Her sister helped her stay strong by introducing her to Inspiration Ministries.

“I was sure God had a long-term promise for me, just like he had for Father Abraham in the Bible, but it was hard to wait. One day, I heard David Cerullo speak about Abraham. My faith was strengthened, so I kept praying and hoping that someday it’s going to get better. Now He speaks to me personally about steps to take, and I so enjoy His friendship.”

Today, the outreaches of Inspiration Ministries continue to give encouragement and hope to Olufunmi in her struggles.

“I won’t stop thanking God for helping me out through these tough times with wonderful messages in my email every day. Indeed, God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit exist. I thank you for all your inspiration. You have taken me on a long journey to knowing God more and hearing Him well.”

What God did for Olufunmi, He can do for you! Visit today to sow a seed for souls.