My Sickness Is Gone!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Married on Valentine’s Day 1996, Mack and Katrina never imagined the journey their love would take them on. Believing marriage to be both a mystery full of joys and challenges, as well as a covenant before God’s eyes, they trusted in their love and His plan for their future. But God’s ways often have purposes we cannot grasp – and blessings greater than we can imagine.

Within just a few short years of their wedding vows, Katrina, a professional make-up artist and life coach, suffered severe attacks from several incurable, autoimmune diseases: Systemic Lupus, Sjogern’s, and Rheumatoid Arthritis among them.

Excruciating pain, heavy medications, and immobility wracked her body and her identity. For nearly two decades, Katrina battled valiantly. At times, she could not lift her head off her pillow. Other times life was almost normal. “When I just couldn’t move and had to miss church, I relied on Inspiration TV. Watching the many anointed men and women of God helped to uplift me,” Katrina shared.

The faithful love and care of her husband for her and their three children encouraged her to fight on. “My precious husband with a weak stomach had to clean and care for me and the children – and hold down a full-time job. I would cry and apologize, and he would say ‘Stop, I love you.’ I was embarrassed and ashamed of the impact of the illness and medicines – my hair fell out; I gained weight. I was a mess, but he kept right on loving me.”

Although both agree they would not have chosen the challenges they faced, both also agree a tested and true testimony is a treasure. “Our covenant marriage was a gift from God. Mack was my covering. He made me feel beautiful even when I couldn’t see any physical beauty.”

But then came the miracle that they had been praying for. After 17 years of illness, Katrina received an all-clear at her latest physical. To the doctor’s astonishment, her blood showed no markers for any of the illnesses that sought to destroy her for almost two decades!

Katrina says of her incredible healing breakthrough: “Doctors said I wouldn’t see my 40th birthday; today I am 47! They didn’t know my Jesus. He got in my DNA because I am in Him. He healed me!”