God’s Hope Is Real

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries4 Minutes

Have you ever moved to a strange land and tried to make a life for yourself without a job or any friends? Meet Joseph.

Twelve years after he gave his heart to Jesus at a Morris Cerullo crusade in Kenya, he made the life-changing decision to move to America with his wife. Excited about the new opportunities and confidently trusting in God, Joseph applied for a job at an international company he had once hoped to work for in Nairobi.

But during the application process, he received a devastating blow. Joseph learned he had Chronic Hepatitis B, a liver infection classified as incurable. The company ended the interview process. He recalls that difficult time, “I was crushed. I felt so low … but I still had one hope. I knew my God was able to heal.”

Joseph’s faith gave him peace as he returned to the job search and began working with doctors to monitor his chronic illness. He was able to find work that provided the necessities for his wife and himself. His health stabilized. And as Joseph’s family persevered in their new homeland, a long-awaited blessing came from God.

After eleven years of marriage, they had their first child. The couple knew God would continue to care for them even after so many financial difficulties. So when Joseph lost his job just a few months later, they did not fly into a panic. Their one hope – confidence in their mighty, loving, healing God – continued flickering despite the circumstances.

One evening, as Joseph watched an Inspiration Ministries’ Campmeeting program, his spirit rose up in him. The messages of hope and healing fanned the flickering spark of hope into a fire! He shares, “I watched various preachers and was moved to plant my $1,000 seed. In faith, I asked God for healing and a full-time job. That was seven years ago. From that time on, Inspiration Ministries began sending me monthly encouragement by mail. I began supporting the ministry in my small way as God led.”

Giving as they could and receiving encouragement from the ministry, the family waited for their seed to produce a harvest. Initially, life simply moved forward. Part-time jobs kept the bills paid and food on the table. Life was good even though the financial and health issues remained.

Then the harvest began! The very company Joseph had applied to seven years earlier called him and wanted an interview: “I managed to pass all the interviews and background checks, but I had no US education papers. The fact that the company accepted my foreign credentials and experience for work in a technical field is only the hand of God!” Joseph continues, “That was November of 2013, and I still work for them. The job pays well and has good benefits. Within a year of employment, we were able to purchase our first home!”

But his supernatural harvest didn’t stop there. “Earlier this month, my doctor told me my immune system had cleared the hepatitis virus from my system! I give God all the glory, for it is through His healing power that I am healed.”